How to install vCloud Director 10.4 in nested lab environment

In this article im gonna show you how to install vCloud Director 10 in nested environment.

Software Requirements:

  • DNS Server – I used Windows DNS server
  • NFS Server – I used the same windows for that purpose also
  • vCenter Server

First of all we need to configure A records for vCloud director cell(s), so that i used vcd as name for the cell.

I added the A record like below

And as you see the PTR has been created automatically also.

If you dont create A record, then you will see following error:

OS Configuration Phase has failed

Then we need to configure NFS service on the windows.

I created a folder on drive C and then opened the properties of the folder, in the permission section of Manage NFS sharing, we have to select Read-Write and check Allow root access

Now we see network path in properties of the folder

Then I try to deploy the OVA file of vCloud Director

Here we need to select the network

It is very important that NTP works properly otherwise you will face an error which will be shown here.

After deploying we should power on the VM and open the address https://vcd-ip:5480 and login with root username.

As you see because the time of windows system was not same as vCloud i faced this error, i checked the time and then the problem solved

You can use IP or name for addressing the NFS mount:

Please note that if you are installing a second cell for your environment installation ID should be different than the first one.

Setup started:

During this phase if you are installing the vCloud on nested environment or home lab you may face this error:

Configure-vcd script failed to complete

according to this article you need to increase the timedout value inside this script, because in the lab or nested environment sometimes it takes long time to generate certificate and rest of required stuff.

For solving this issue login to the console of vCloud Director and edit the script :


The default value for timeout is 10s better to increase it to 30s

At the end save the file with double Z (ZZ) or :wq and rerun the procedure in https://vcd-ip:5480 URL.

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