Integrating Cohesity with vCloud Director 10

Here I supposed you have installed and configure the cohesity appliance in your environment.

This article is reffering to

We need to log into cohesity cluster.

copy some where that you can execute it by command, in my case the cohesity cluster ip is

iris_cli -server cohesityClusterIP

then enter the user and password

Run the code below to enable CORS and Referal link

 cluster update-gflag gflag-name="iris_cors_origins" gflag-value="https://vCloudDirector" service-name=iris reason="Enabling_CORS"   
 cluster update-gflag gflag-name="iris_alllowed_referrer_urls" gflag-value="https://vCloudDirector" service-name=iris reason="Enabling_Referer_Url" 
 cluster restart service-names=iris

In my case my vCD IP is

In this part we need to do some configuration on cohesity cluster:

  • Login to the Cohesity Cluster UI as a user with Admin role
  • Click on “Admin->Cluster Settings”
  • Click on the toggle buton to “Enable Organizations”
  • Create organizations in Cohesity correspending to the tenants in vCloud Director by navigating to “Admin-Organizations” and clicking on “Add Organization”
  • Assign the Protection Policies to the organization and also assign the corresponding vCD organization under Sources

In vCloud I have defined a Organization for cohesity

Now back to the cohesity and create an organization to map to the ORG which we have created in vCloud Director

We need to select a storage domain

Here we need to create a user in cohesity to be used by vCloud director

After filling out, add the user and assign it

Now we need to define source for this user

I assigned the ORG which already created for this user in vCloud Director and assigned it

Now I define the policies for the backup

Now we need to run some python script, because in windows it is not installed by default then i have to install it manually search for downloading python and install it

From this URL I should dowload the extensions

First download the and unzip it somewhere

edit the file ui_ext_api like below

Then we need to run, but before that we have to install some package:

python -m pip install requests

Then running the script

 python deploy

Now if I log into the vCloud Director I see a new menu as Data Protection

If I click add in the corner:

After this step a user will be created in Cohesity for API Calls

and automatically will be assign to the organization which we already have created

Now If I open the Cohesity-ORG I can see the seperated panel inorder to configure the backups

My selected VM is now protected

If i check the protection part in Cohesity I can also see a new job with the same name that was created by vCloud Director

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