Configuring event subscription for an specific VM in Cloud Assembly

One of my problem to deploying multi VMs in cloud assembly was to run a workflow only for an specific deployment.

Because an event topic like “Compute post provision” will be triggered after provisioning of every VM, but if you want to run it on a specific VM template then I would suggest to do like below

Among different VM template in this cloud template one of them is like jumphost, which has some specific configuration for cloudbase init,

The template has some inputs to get information from user like password for the VM,

Then this password will be used to create an dedicated account for this user on Active Directory which will be done by a workflow in the background and use same password.

Then in this case I need to run the workflow only one time and just after provisioning of Jumphost VM. so I defined a customProperty like below and named it “hostname” with value of “Jumphost”

Then I define condition to check the customProperties and if it match then the event subscription will be started

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