How to get Unix and LDAP timestamp in vRealize Orchestrator by JavaScript

As part of create a Workflow to get the expiration date of an Active Directory username, I need to write a script to get current time in Unix timestamp format then convert it to LDAP timestamp (NT epoch)

1.Getting Current date in vRealize Orchestrator

Just create a work flow and put following codes:

var now = new Date()
var unixts = now.getTime() / 1000
System.log("Unix timestamp is: " + unixts)

If you just need Unix timestamp and need to round the number you can use in line 2 :

var unixts = Math.round(now.getTime() / 1000)

2.In this part we can write this code to convert Unix timestamp to LDAP timestamp

var ldaptimestamp = (unixts + 11644473600 ) * 10000000 
System.log ("LDAP timestamp is: " + ldaptimestamp)

You can also use following link to verify the result:

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